Djäzz - Jazz Keller Duisburg
25.09.2019, 20:00

Suzan Köcher's Suprafon

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boy / Eintritt 10 EUR

Djäzz Jazzkeller Duisburg & UNIQUE RECORDS present September Session

We invite you to an evening with two great artists and their beautiful music! Both of them will launch their brandnew records for you!

✭✭✭ Suzan Köcher's Suprafon EXCLUSIVE PRE-ALBUM-RELEASE-SHOW The ever-tastier colleagues of Nothing But Hope And Passion rave in beautiful pictures of their single "Peaky Blinders": "A slow beat and moody tunes create a cinematic, almost sinister feel, (...) perfect to imagine yourself walking away in slow motion from the house just set fire."

The singer from Solingen, meanwhile calling herself Suzan Köcher's Suprafon putting more focus on her band, has recorded an excellent debut “Moon Bordeaux” for Unique Records. Also live she makes an impression, so audience and press attending her performances at the SXWS in Austin, the Open Source or the Maifeld Derby were collectively entranced. Her psychedelic folk-rock never gets very effective, her songs are quite brittle and partly friendly, they have depth and they have a corresponding effect: lasting. November 8th 2019 will finally see the release of her second album "Suprafon" on UNIQUE RECORDS! Come and join her show and make sure you get an album copy before anybody else.

✭✭✭ Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys ALBUM-RELEASE-SHOW Lucy Kruger is a singer/songwriter from Cape Town, South Africa who recently moved to Berlin. Her performance focuses on the bare bones of the songs, a slow burning psychedelic folk that is both intimate and ambient. Dreamscapes set against drones allow the stories to drift and dive, fall asleep and come to life. Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys’ first LP „Summer’s Not That Simple“ was released in partnership with independent South African label Permanent Record. The album holds a sea of guitars in conversation with almost whispered thoughts.

In September this year she will release her second full length album „Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls“ through UNIQUE RECORDS.

The new album is made to be a quiet companion for restless evenings

Djäzz - Jazz Keller Duisburg

Börsenstraße 11
47051 Duisburg

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